RISC-V: IP and expertise in design and verification as well as software and driver development from Andes


Quantum Leap Solutions offers IP and design tools to support your RISC-V development   QLS partners, Andes Technologies is an industry leader in RISC-V IP, and provides platforms and tools to enable the most comprehensive embedded software development, as well as debug and test solutions.

Click below for the presentations of recent webinars presented by Andes Tech. Part 1: The latest challenges designers are facing migrating AI/ML application to custom SoC's with RISC-V, Part 2: Optimizing embedded RISC-V hardware/software development from virtual models to in-life silicon instrumentation, and Part 3: Optimizing RISC-V with Custom Extensions.

  • RISC-V Webinar Part 1   
  • RISC-V Webinar Part 2
  • RISC-V Webinar Part 3
  • Andes Technology  
    Andes Technology

    Andes Technology is the leading embedded RISC-V CPU IP supplier in the world. Founding member of the RISC-V Foundation. Offering single and multicore 32 bit and 64 bit RISC-V solutions with custom instructions and Vector and DSP extensions.

    The innovative configurable platform solution allows Andes' customers to construct unique system architecture and hardware/software partitioning to gain best optimization in all aspects.

    Over 15,000 seats of Andes development suite.

    Utilize Andes Custom Extension (ACE) software to add custom instructions, accelerators and coprocessor instructions.

    Learn more about Andes RISC-V free start program. HERE.

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